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Welcome to MilexPRO

Create your passive source of income at MilexPRO, our entire team of traders ensures the accuracy of transactions in the stock trading markets. We provide our investors with access to a personal account, as well as investments in our platform for earnings.

Investors on our platform can earn 105% in a short time, thanks to our unique system with a guarantee of reliability and continuity, supported by various forex platform markets and other activities.

MilexPRO trust and cooperation foundation

Become one of the investors right now, start earning with the professional MilexPRO team, and you will get a successful result within 24 hours after making a deposits.

Referral bonuses

Use referral program and promote our company and earn 3%-2%-1% referral deposits!

Our invesmtents

This is the special feature of MilexPRO deposit plans, so you have the right to use all means and variables to achieve profitable efficiency and develop your own structure, which leads not only to a leading position in the market, but also to financial independence.

Plan Spent Period Profit Principal
START - 21% daily $50 - $499 5 Days % 105 Included
GOLD - 35% daily $500 - $999 3 Days % 105 Included
VIP - 105% $1000 - $2499 1 Days % 105 Included
PRO - 109% $2500 - $25000 1 Days % 109 Included

Invesmtent structure

1. Payments are made manually up to 30 minute to 12 hours.

2. Minimum spend is $ 50 and there is no maximum.

3. Minimum Withdrawal of funds $ 0,10$

4. You may make an additional spend as many times as you like.

5. All transactions are handled via ecurrency. If you don't have an ecurrency account, you need to get one.

Name Bonus Accrual
Level 1 3% Instant
Level 2 2% Instant
Level 3 1% Instant
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